Lanvin: Inspiration and Heritage

Lanvin celebrated its 130th anniversary in 2019. During this period, the symbol of the French brand - mother and daughter holding hands - has become recognizable even among those unfamiliar with clothes, shoes, accessories and perfume. The Mother, or the founder of the Parisian hat workshop Jeanne Lanvin, the daughter - her little muse and first customer Marie-Blanche.

People liked the dresses Jeanne sewed for Marie-Blanche in her spare time and began ordering copies from Lanvin for their daughters. Soon the Frenchwoman was designing dresses for all ages, adding intricate drapes, full flounced skirts and chic beading, which eventually made her one of the leading fashion spokesmen of the 10s and 30s. Even the contemporary catwalk looks of the Lanvin brand pay homage to the legacy of its founder. Romantic looks, ruffles, embellishments and Robe de Style silhouettes, Jeanne Lanvin's signature design innovations appear as bold and aesthetic concepts in several recent collections. And overall, the signature design of Lanvin design is feminine, romantic and urban. Since the beginning of 2019 Bruno Sialelli has been holding the helm of the ship after previous experiences with Loewe, Paco Rabanne and Balenciaga. Therefore it can be said without fear of contradiction that Lanvin is in good hands with Sialelli.

Bruno Sialelli, a 32-year-old designer from Marseilles, has succeeded since the very first collections in reviving the oldest French fashion house. “Jeanne Lanvin was a visionary. She was neither a seamstress nor a stylist, she looked more like an artistic director collaborating with her peers." Bruno Sialelli's design temperament shines particularly brightly in the apparel on offer, playful graphic branding adorning the colorful cotton sweatshirts while the spliced ​​and striped aesthetic enhances the shirts. .

In one of the interviews Bruno Sialelli talks about this vision for the modern Lanvin collections: “We draw from the archives. Lanvin has developed them in their own right, they are witnesses of the art of living in an era. The brand has always known how to conceptualize itself in relation to the present whether in the 10's, 20's or 30's it has always been in step with the times. A reference from the 1920s is also valid today, despite being dated in time, for its grandiose, glamorous and opulent side. With current events, there is something like a recurring pattern. I make a connection between 1920 and 2020 and have this yearning for fabulousness, opulence and glamor in the literal sense of the word. Lanvin's history is one of the longest in fashion, and is still in business. It's a great asset and you have to play with it."

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