Spring 2022 Men's Fashion Trends: What to Wear and How?

The Spring-Summer 2022 season will not bring a color revolution. However, in the coming season you will find peculiar ones in men's fashion. The main trend is calm and natural tones. Most of the fashion collections are designed in olive, blue, brown. Nothing flashy, natural materials and shades are in fashion.
But where's the fun for all the fashionistas? If you think those colors are not fun and are not in harmony with your energetic nature, then create a bright accent: add a colorful shirt, trousers, raincoat or scarf to your wardrobe and combine them with other pieces in natural tones. We'll show you how to do that later in this article! Milan Fashion Week street style will tell us what to expect in Spring 2022. Let's take a look at this season's street style and what the experts pick.

Matching sets

Sporty style among men has always been in fashion, especially in the last couple of years since everyone started working from home and taking comfort seriously. However, we have started to notice that more and more fashion brands are leaning towards relaxed designs and sporty sets are making a comeback! There are many ways to style tracksuits away from home, with a coat and even blazers (for the more risky). Matching sets are a trend with tracksuits, but they go even further. The monochromatic sets, which were once worn only by office workers, are now appreciated by street style lovers in Milan. They look fiery, elegant and sexy as long as they are styled correctly. You can take a look at the example image above! Ideas for matching sets are below:


The shirt is a staple in every man's wardrobe, so of course we won't talk about it. This season we could pay attention to more oversized and transparent knits. Knitted sweaters that look like your grandmother made them look simple and very charming. The transparent trend came slowly into men's fashion, but never fully emerged. This look is definitely for younger men who aren't afraid to stand out. How to integrate it into your look? Here is an example with Nanuska's sustainable collection:

Outerwear (Down jackets, leather jackets)

Outerwear for spring 2022 comes with various classic options that anyone can wear right away. The duvets will look great in leather and gloss finish for colder times. There are plenty of opportunities to suit your tastes. Here are the picks for next season:

stylistic trends

Neutral + Accents

This season is all about natural colors and muted shades, as mentioned above. However, what if you have or love to wear a little color? wear it! First, wear what feels right and suits your mood or nature. If you want to create a neutral look, add some bright color details and you have an elegant and exciting look! It's simple and is part of the stylistic techniques to enhance your outfit.

Shirt as jacket

This stylistic solution was probably inspired by the skater looks of Venice Beach in California but is now on display on the streets of Milan. The trend doesn't matter, we've seen it before, but we can't deny that it looks effortlessly stylish! It almost seems like you haven't thought too much about choosing the right jacket. This stylistic solution is fantastic for the spring season when it's still too early for a t-shirt and not too late for a t-shirt and shirt combination. Shirts made specifically to serve as a jacket are available in various fabrics, but don't forget that you can also wear an oversized shirt informally.



Plaid has never gone out of style and we don't think it ever will. If you have a favorite plaid pant or jacket, wear them! We mostly see muted shades in this street style season, mostly in beige and gray colors.

Paisley motif

If you're looking for a pattern for the season, this is definitely the paisley pattern! It comes in many styles and sizes, giving us plenty of opportunities to find the optimal paisley print. With the paisley pattern, or paisley, we also see many ethnic-inspired prints that are very popular in the 2022 summer season.

The color of the season: blue

Do you remember the green of spring-summer 2021? This season he will be replaced by the blue. The beautiful color of freedom and lightness that everyone desires. This color complements the season's natural color aesthetic perfectly and will serve as the perfect subtle accent.

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