Style rules for men's fashion

How to choose your style and look elegant and stylish? There is nothing complicated about this; just follow the rules developed over the years. And even if the appearance of things changes over the years, their combination remains the same. The cut, color, relevance of each element are taken into account. The business world is particularly strict on clothing, especially on the accessories to show and the shoes to choose. What we're talking about today is about choosing your style and everything that can't be missing in a man's wardrobe.

The clothing that can not miss in your wardrobe

Everyone knows the expression "basic wardrobe". This is a set of clothes for every day, based on which you can create different looks. These garments are versatile and suitable for any occasion. By composing the look starting from these, you can create fantastic dresses, both rigorous and refined, for evening outings with friends and business meetings.

We will introduce you to fashion trends and advise you on how to choose your style. However, first, let's remember what things should be in every man's wardrobe:

Classic suit for business meetings.
A basic white shirt that goes with any outfit
3-4 shirts.
Slim fit jeans in classic colors.
Comfortable V-neck pullover.
Blazer for parties with friends.
Pants for every day.
Casual black shoes.

Things to remember: Put together a wardrobe

When thinking about the basic ensembles, remember the harmony between the low and the high. Under one part of the bottom (trousers), 4-5 tops (sweaters, shirts, jackets) should fit.
The top items should be enough to wear for a week. For example, seven items of clothing that are not adjacent to the body: T-shirts; seven things worn as a second layer: jackets, cardigans, sweaters; two or three trousers or jeans.
The shoe size depends on the season. Therefore, it can be a couple or two or three. Having such a set for all occasions, a man will look decent in any situation. The main thing is to choose a cut to match. And for that, you have to consider your age, physique, preferences and tastes.

"Pop" style

Clothes always reflect a person's character and way of life. Younger guys choose street style (casual). A business woman will prefer rigorous, classic fashion that has little to do with sportswear. For this reason, we present the main characteristics of each of these options to better understand how to choose your style.


Suitable for official events and gala evenings. Men's business attire is classic black (perhaps a tuxedo or coat), a snow-white shirt, a formal bow tie. Shoes and accessories should complete a business man's look. Everything should look expensive and elegant.


In terms of content, the style is close to the street, albeit with a decidedly understated nuance. When thinking about choosing your style, try this one: it's suitable for all ages and shapes. Go to the store? Going to an office where there are no strict dress codes? Wear the jeans with a comfortable jacket, sweater or knitted pullover. Leather shoes and a shoulder bag complete the look.


This trend in clothing is chosen mainly by guys under 35 years old. This style is comfortable, practical; within its mood, you can combine things of bright colors and clothes of strict colors. A backpack or sports sneakers will harmoniously fit into a street look. Street-style suggests the presence of t-shirts and sweaters, shirts and sweatshirts, jeans and any trousers, except for the classics.


Sportswear is comfortable and comfortable, bright and stylish, especially when combined with branded sneakers.


The symbol of military fashion. The uniform of the military is considered strict and practical. You feel not so much external beauty as strength, comfort and adequacy of clothing in any weather or life conditions.


Romantic men prefer soft fabrics: wool, cashmere and cotton. The style is characterized by smooth lines and refined style without sharp corners and contrasts. This style is gaining extreme popularity among fashionistas to fight the gender barrier in fashion.

Not sure how to choose your style? Check out these tips!

  • Try to combine items of clothing of different styles.
  • A stylish accessory (tie, glasses, watch) will add charm to your look.
  • All clothes should be in line with the season
  • Try shopping for brands with a similar aesthetic
  • Complete your wardrobe essentials: 3-4 shirts, a pair of sweaters, trousers, a formal suit and black shoes.
  • Change the colors of your wardrobe according to the season.
  • Hide figure flaws with clothes.
  • Tight-fitting things emphasize the athletic body.

Modern society dictates new standards of fashion. If you know how to choose your style, you will never be out of place.

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