Men's fashion: the trends of autumn'22

The fall season is a great time to discover trends and create a great look based on the weather of this period. Therefore, with the autumn season just around the corner, we have prepared a trend guide for the new season!

Double-breasted jackets 

We have seen trendy double-breasted blazers for many seasons now and with a chic and classy mood. One thing's for sure: it's always a good idea to have one in your closet, since this style can be styled in so many new ways. After all, the double-breasted trend has been gaining popularity for some time and has reached its peak in the autumn-winter 2022/2023 season. For example the wrap jackets by Dior, Prada, Versace and Dolce & Gabbana, are all cut with the precision of couture dresses. This trend applies to both blazers and coats for fall 2022.

Baggy jeans

Nostalgia for the 90s is coming! One of the trends of the 90s is baggy jeans. Well, there's a way to make an r"elaxed" look chic. From classic Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga designer grunge jeans to high-waisted Y/Project and Vetements. As an example of the new collections in stock, we have APC retro-feel black jeans or a pair of tie-dye jeans from AMI that brought back two big trends from the early 2000s. an oversized sweater or jacket.



Well, even if it's not our favorite style, the military and functional aesthetic is back again this season! Functionality is one of the main factors in creating and selecting menswear. Most of all, it manifests itself in voluminous safari jackets with many pockets. Functional clothes are also considered a trend for autumn 2022! For example, this light jacket by Aspesi is ideal for an early autumn look. We'll show you how to style it below

Floral prints 

In Virgil Abloh's latest collection for Louis Vuitton, floral motifs appeared on two-piece suits. In Nigo's debut show for Kenzo, florals were simple and bold, adorning Canadian tuxedos and denim handbags. Kim Jones instead added floral applications to Dior bomber jackets and sweaters. Undoubtedly the floral print in menswear has almost become a must. However, what kind of floral prints are we looking at this season? Check out our selection below.

Colors: Men love black and pink


For autumn-winter 2022/2023, a whole series of stylists have indulged in a total black look. From Rick Owens and Jil Sander, designers went for a slightly mystical aesthetic, while Louis Vuitton, Versace and Bianca Saunders showcased form-fitting black silhouettes. So what is the must? Create a total black look for fall!


Joyful, playful and surprisingly easy to wear, pink should find a place in your wardrobe this season. Thanks to the rise of Barbiecore (which embraces vibrant hues), hot pink is definitely having its moment, revealing itself to some insiders as the chicest color in fashion

Style details 

Here we will introduce you to some style details that were seen on the runways for the Fall 2022 season and try to incorporate them into one look!

  • Tie
  • The nuances
  • Square toe shoes
  • shoulder bag

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