Fashion Weeks review: Menswear for spring 2023

Today fashion goes beyond seasonal trends, we learn through this art we learn to be individualistic and we find ways to express ourselves through clothes. Looking at the fashion shows and the collection presented by fashion brands we can set our sights on what we will wear next season. Looking through the fashion shows helps to understand the style choices and the interesting combination of colors and fabrics. Today we're talking about a couple of brands and their SS23 collections


I waited

Let's start with the laconic Aspesi men's collection that highlights practicality, quality and sustainability. This is the historic mood that characterizes Aspesi for highly refined classic clothing. What makes it unique is the ability to identify the seasonal hue that catches the eye without distorting the iconic style. As Lawrence Steele said: “We don't do themes and it's not a fashion brand. And I like Aspesi exactly as it is. This puts me in a position to talk about our standards, how we make pieces you can wear again and again, and our wardrobe philosophy."

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Soft pastels, Renaissance-inspired prints and overlays. “We have all seen climate change this summer. We have seen fires all over the world. And coming back with a show in September, thinking about whether our pants will be high-waisted or low-waisted, seems a bit futile to me". So said Olivier Rousteing before a show that was equal parts inspiring, irritating and surprising. L he accessory of this collection were the large solid color fedora hats that take us back to the collections of the 90s. If you look at the details you will see the use of materials such as wood and stones as heels, as well as straw tops. monochromatic looks with layering are absolutely gorgeous and embrace the natural color palette.

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During the Milan show, Diesel's Glenn Martens decided to make this show public. 70% of attendees were under the age of 26, which was powerful evidence for this brand's new audience. Martens said the collection was divided into four chapters: denim, utility wear, "pop" and "extravagance". He added: “This is my recipe for Diesel; the four ingredients on which I insist. Because this is only my second show here and I think we need to keep showing that.” Diesel denim is undeniably the trademark for the brand and the variety of denim styles on the runway is testament to that. After the 90s comeback and '00 denim will never retire Utility wear, once again, is staying with us for another season.

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Dolce & Gabbana 

Dolce & Gabbana founded their fashion house in 1985 and presented their first men's collection in 1990, at a time when fashion was booming, fueled by creative freedom, novelty and daring experimentation. While they tend to stay away from nostalgia, this collection was quite a bit of déjà vu, “It was kind of a random, intuitive process,” they said, that morphed through excellent styling into a spring collection of reissued 90s pieces and 2000 that parade on the catwalk together with new proposals designed with a contemporary spirit. Dolce & Gabbana's streamlined yet sultry minimalism is not only a captivating legacy in concept, it's also an enviable and wearable option for vintage Gen Z madmen. “They are hungry for real fashion, whereas today there are just logos everywhere,” said Domenico Dolce.

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Isabel Marant

Marant has always been fascinated by men with a feminine side since long before the introduction of men's bags and makeup. "I love doing collections for men: it's more relaxed on all levels, there's less pressure and also, I work with the most beautiful guys in the world, c'est chouette," she said. Since Marant's man is the boyfriend to his girlfriend, it stands to reason that he doesn't act formal. For spring, the designer offers work-inspired pieces in comfortable, everyday materials: Quilted jackets, coveralls and jeans come with a little twist, such as wider pockets.

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“A high concept of simplicity” The utilitarian sophistication of 90s minimalism. The fashion references of the 90s and 2000s go beyond full denim looks and the love for bright colors and Neil Barret's SS23 collection is proof of this. For spring, he played on the textures of his wardrobe staples, referencing an urban uniform look and clean, smart sportswear. Inspired by military clothing made for extreme weather conditions, the garments have been structured and designed to let the body breathe. As a subtle decorative gesture, which Barrett has described as "reductionist," metallic eyelets create visual appeal on square-fit trucker jackets and straight-leg pants with rounded cutouts at the knees.

Shop Neil Barret's sophisticated AW22 pieces on our website. Click on the image above to check the selection available for this brand. Well, if it's still not clear to you that the sophisticated look and reference to the 90s and 00s are here to stay, then you need to review this article. The staples of men's fashion are monochromatic layered looks, sophisticated workwear and all things denim. In short, the classics that never go out of style.

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