Autry Shoes: the 80s aesthetic

It perfectly conveys the mood of the 80s, as confirmed by the American flag on the label: Autry shoes are impossible to confuse. The brand, founded in 1982 in Texas, has always been faithful to the vintage style and has never radically changed its models. Autry icons include the Medalist, Dallas and Open models, which are hugely popular with fans of those classics that never go out of style. Today, Autry features lines of men's and women's sportswear and footwear for a relaxed everyday look. Check out our selection of elegant leather sneakers from this well-known American brand.

The Medalist is a sneaker with a classic tennis shoe design. But the main idea of ​​\u200b\u200bthe winner was to create universal, that is, versatile sneakers for tennis, running and aerobics - as in the 80s. To functionally cover all sports the sole has been made thicker and wider for the support you need. The upper is made of durable and soft leather. Featuring classic design elements such as the mudguard and perforated toe, the shoe not only has a timeless design, but is also breathable.

To better capture the vintage sneaker vibe, the Autry Action Medalist comes with a beautiful off-white sole. Anyone who loves 80s sneaker style should take a closer look at the Autry Medalist. While it resembles many classic sneakers, the silhouette differs in the details. As already mentioned, the sole is wider and thicker than the usual sneakers of this generation. Even the cut of the top is a little more "volumbous". However, the sneaker retains its sporty character, as befits a vintage sneaker.

In 2019 the brand was taken over by French fans Alberto Raengo and Régis Billiards. Regis Billiards said, "When Nike and Reebok were able to develop in the 1980s, Autry was mothballed following the death of its founder, Jim Autry." The company is known for several models, especially the CLC with ActionSorb sole. Autry now features Medalist and Dallas in a variety of colorways, compositions, and high and low offerings, while retaining what makes the brand instantly recognizable: "American Flag Shoes." A minimalist unisex design that fits all styles is Autry's strength. You can wear them with jeans, chinos, shorts, these sneakers will complete all your favorite looks.

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